Welcome to the Seattle Dermatologic Society!

The Seattle Dermatologic Society started in the 1960's as a forum in which to promote continuing education and exchange of ideas regarding patient care. Because of this emphasis on education, the SDS has always had a close partnership with the UW Division of Dermatology. Currently, SDS and UW Dermatology work together to bring continuing education components to the Society's monthly meetings. This includes education both in the form of lecture and of patient presentation and discussion.

Seattle Derm Officers

President: Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD

Secretary: Michi Shinohara, MD

Treasurer: Kendra Bergstrom, MD

Upcoming Meetings:

Next Seattle Dermatologic Society Meeting:
UWMC Derm Clinic, 4225 Roosevelt Way NE
September 21, 2016

5:00-5:30 Patients
5:30-6:15 Catered Dinner and Patient discussion
6:15-7:15 "Hypercoagulablity, Purpura and the Skin"
Presented by Dr. Kathy Schwarzenberger, M.D.
Professor and Head of Dermatology
University of Tennessee